Fairytales Live at Dallas’s Dragon Park

April 5, 2016 | western

Dragon Park might seem a bit out of place in the heart of Dallas, but that's why city dwellers have grown so attached to it. The tiny park more than makes up for its modest size in the grandeur of its statues and greenery. In fact, Thrillist describes it as a "miniscule hidden gem in Uptown."

At the heart of Dragon Park sits an almost magical gazebo, covered with green vines and shaded by towering plants and trees. Around it, stone sculptures of mythical creatures stand guard. Gargoyles, fairies, angels, and, of course, dragons are all among the herd. The fairytale setting can serve as a quick getaway during lunch, but some locals come here for professional engagement photos—or even a full wedding ceremony under the rustic, domed gazebo. No matter the occasion, Dragon Park is an entrancing enclave in the center of the city, so take some time to explore.

Dragon Park
3520 Cedar Springs Road
Dallas, TX 75219
(214) 670-4100

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